Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

  • Are you worried about hackers socially engineering their way into your business emails, sensitive files, or financial data? Are you scared of being scammed while browsing the Internet, or when using your mobile phone? And what about all your passwords being stolen? Or even becoming a victim of identity theft?
  • Remember: the cost to train yourself and all of your employees today, can be less than 1% the full cost to clean up the damages of a cyber breach, AFTER it has occurred.
  • So we hope you do not wait until it’s too late to receive cyber security training. Contact us ASAP to discuss your 2019 cyber security awareness training needs, and for 1:M Cyber Security to help you protect your most sensitive personal and business data.…

Why We Are Different

Our clients love being trained by a cyber security expert, who’s ‘been there, done that.’ Someone who is passionate about personally helping his audience learn cyber security awareness, and feel safe again on the Internet:

  • You will receive very effective and memorable awareness training!
  • We deliver a stimulating performance using visuals & story-telling
  • No boring Powerpoint slides!
  • All of the annoying technical jargon has been cut out, so it is simple plain English
  • The content is kept very fresh and relevant for you
  • You will spot scammers trying to social engineer you for your money and data
  • You will notice red flags in phishing emails, phone calls and text messages

Essentially, you will transform from someone who might feel somewhat vulnerable when using the Internet, to someone who can very CONFIDENTLY and SECURELY manage their emails, computers, mobile devices, and browse the Internet again!