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  • Are you worried about hackers social engineering you for your sensitive files, business emails, or access to your computer?
  • Are you concerned about being scammed on the Internet, or when using your mobile phone?
  • Are you scared your passwords will be stolen?

  • Are you anxious about being a victim of identity theft?

  • Do you want to learn basic cyber security & social engineering awareness, BUT in an entertaining, effective, and memorable way?

  • Do you want to understand, in simple plain English, how so many businesses are being hacked into every day?
  • Do you want to be taught, using only stimulating visuals, how to securely manage all your emails, passwords, and browsing on the Internet?


I understand why you might be reluctant to take cyber security training, because you’re worried it’s either boring, or maybe too technical for you to understand.

Which is why I designed this beginners course for anyone looking for non-technical, fun, and engaging cyber security training!

This course is designed to teach you the basics of cyber security awareness, and social engineering, even if you have no IT / Cyber Security experience or knowledge.

Whether you are a beginner in IT, or advanced, 1:M’s cyber security awareness training course is designed for all of you to enjoy watching, because I made sure the curriculum was comprehensive enough to give you all the information you need to stay secure online, and presented to you in a simple and entertaining way.

If you’re new to Cyber Security, and you’re looking for help being secure on the Internet, then this is the course for you!

What makes my cyber security awareness training course different, is that I use visuals, humor and storytelling throughout the training, to make it as effective, memorable and entertaining as possible for you! The training is literally 98% images and illustrations – no boring PowerPoint slides!

Furthermore, the entire time I was creating the training material, I kept thinking to myself “how can I make this material really fun and interesting??” I really tried to put myself in the mind of my students, so that I could present the information in a way that you would find interesting and engaging.

This training is comprised of 41 new security training videos, and covering over 30 cyber security subjects. It’s me in front of the camera, speaking passionately from the heart, and talking directly to you about the biggest cyber security threats facing you today.

It’s packed with the latest tricks hackers and scammers are using to social engineer you for your data and money.  We will cover everything: email phishing, malicious downloads, insecure browsers, evil mobile apps, how to secure your mobile phones, Macs, Windows, social media, Internet privacy, anonymity, encryption…plus much much more!



  • You will receive really effective, fun & memorable awareness training!
  • You won’t spend hours looking at boring PowerPoint slides!
  • I intentionally cut out all the technical jargon, so that you are trained in simple plain English
  • Most of what you will learn can be applied both at home, and at work
  • This course is based on the real world, drawing on my 15 years of experience on the cyber front lines
  • Over 25,000 people have been successfully trained by me in the past, with very positive feedback
  • You will receive a 50-page supplemental guide, with all the training content for you to refer to afterwards

Essentially, you will be transforming – from someone who might feel vulnerable or insecure when on the Internet – to someone who can CONFIDENTLY and SECURELY manage emails, browse the Internet, and use mobile devices and computers.

  • Who Are The Hackers?

  • Targeted Email Spear Phishing
  • Social Engineering Tactics
  • Macro Malware
  • Instant Messaging Attacks
  • Smishing
  • Vishing
  • Ransomware Attacks
  • Cryptomining
  • Social Engineering Red Flags
  • 'Black Hat’ Search Engine Optimization
  • Banking Trojans
  • Fake AntiVirus
  • Apple Computers
  • Smartphones and Mobile Apps
  • Password Management
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Browser Security
  • Social Media
  • Disinformation / False News
  • Internet Data Privacy
  • Identity Theft
  • GDPR
  • Encryption/Business Travel
  • IoT Internet of Things
  • You will be trained, through numerous visual examples, of all the ways hackers can socially engineer you through email, text, phone calls, web browsing, downloaded files, mobile phones, connected home devices etc
  • You will stop successful social engineering attacks, by spotting red flags in phishing emails, text messages and phone calls
  • You will know the common human emotions that hackers like to trigger, to trick you into giving them access to your money, personal accounts, systems and company network
  • Learn how to securely configure your browser to block malicious scripts, cookies, trackers etc., and be able to maintain good privacy on the Internet
  • You will be well versed on how to securely use Windows, Apple Macs, iPhones, Androids etc
  • You will be visually guided on how to create, and then efficiently manage, the dozens of passwords for all the websites you visit, as well as implementing secure 2-Factor Authentication across popular websites
  • You will be shown proven and effective cyber security software to keep your systems private and secure
  • You will safeguard your company’s sensitive customer data, both at home and when traveling on the road
  • You will secure and defend your own family’s personal data and network
  • You will confidently manage your emails, business files, computers, mobile devices and Internet browsing
  • This course is created primarily for anyone who works in a business or corporation, who wants to be trained on how to protect their sensitive customer data and network from hackers
  • It is perfect for complete beginners (with little experience or skills in IT/ Cyber Security), but who want to learn basic cyber security awareness in a non-technical way
  • This course is also for all the mothers, fathers, grandparents, and kids at home, who are interested in being secure and private on the Internet
  • Someone who is worried about being socially engineered by hackers for their business emails, sensitive files, or passwords